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Re: Question about the "no silver CD >> CDR transfer" rule

If the read and write offsets are corrected then the CD-R(1) rip will probably match the silver rip. I had a generic drive that wouldn't burn the last few samples of the last track of a CD correctly, but every other track matched the original FLACs when extracted from a burned audio CD-R. If you have a good drive and burn and extract (secure) with EAC with the read and write offsets corrected, you could have a CD-R(50) and it would still match the original checksum. Most people burn with Nero I think, so they can't correct their write offset. Maybe in cases where you have corrected your write offset, and burn with EAC, they could make an exception. The only problem might be people lying about their write offset being corrected, or the inability to prove that they burned with the write offset corrected.
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