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Re: Question about the "no silver CD >> CDR transfer" rule

Usually when I get my hands on silver bootlegs, the first thing I will do is make a secure EAC rip (100% error-free log with .cue). Then I make a CDR copy for myself (using the .cue file as well) on Delkin Gold CDRs. Later on when I upload the show(s) to a tracker, I make another extraction via EAC from my gold CDR copy (again with 100% error-free log and .cue file). So now I have two sets of .logs, one from the original silver rip and another from the gold CDR.

I'm pretty anal retentive when it comes to ensuring my rips/copies are perfect. In a case where the .log and .cue sets can be included, would a torrent of this type be allowed?

Thanks again for the responses.
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