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Re: Question about the "no silver CD >> CDR transfer" rule

OK, thanks for the reponse(s). It's still a bit hazy to me, especially in my case where I know based on log files I'm making perfect rips from CDRs via EAC with .log and .cue (those CDRs which were also created from perfect copies I made with EAC from the borrowed silver CD originally, also with .log and .cue). In that scenario I am able to prove that the CDR copy is 100% accurate with no data loss compared to the original. Yet still I am not allowed to upload that recording.

I understand the logic of cassette-sourced boots in the event there are no superior sources that exist. However that point brings me to another question: suppose I have a CDR made from a silver CD and there is no other source for that particular performance that is on the tracker? Would it be allowed in that case?

It just seems odd to me that I could literally throw a Maxell tape in my stereo and record an FM broadcast of a concert (complete with hiss, static, and all the other lovely nonsense that goes along with cassette tape recordings)....then extract that cassette recording to WAV on my PC, encode to FLAC and upload it here -- and that would be acceptable. But a CDR copy where I have an error-free EAC log indicating a perfect replica of the source would not be acceptable.....
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