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Re: Mac: Bluetooth Mouse Set-Up pops on on booting, I cannot get around it. Out of the blue.

Originally Posted by cleantone
I have something running right now. I haven't tried it for 15 minutes but I will. Is that an arbitrary number? I think I did have everything unplugged overnight now that I think about it. I feel like the ports got fried somehow from this drive. I would love to be wrong of course.
I'm guessing you have a PPC Mini so follow these instructions. There's a link to the Intel equivalent lower down. This isn't a magic bullet but *might* help.

Is this hard to do? Expensive?
I'm not sure about 10.3 but I'm pretty sure the Developers package came on a disc with the installers. You can sign up here and download the Xcode package for your flavour of OS X (BIG download, maybe overkill for a 648 KB application). I'd mail you the application itself, it's only a wee thing but I doubt it'll run on your machine. If you do manage to get things to a stage where you can at least install & run, let me know and I'll dig out. the 10.4 XCode disc.
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