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Re: Mac: Bluetooth Mouse Set-Up pops on on booting, I cannot get around it. Out of the blue.

Thanks. This is a Mac Mini. I have only X.3 and X.4. I went out last night to get a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to try getting past this screen. It worked but so far nothing has brought back the USB functionality.

Have you tried unplugging ALL cables for 15 mins and then reconnecting/booting ?
I have something running right now. I haven't tried it for 15 minutes but I will. Is that an arbitrary number? I think I did have everything unplugged overnight now that I think about it. I feel like the ports got fried somehow from this drive. I would love to be wrong of course.

There's a utility that comes with the Developers install called USB Prober which can apparently sometimes magic USB ports back to life but of course you can't get far enought to install/run it.
Is this hard to do? Expensive?
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