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Re: lossless database like gracenote?

You add stuff using the "wizard mode" which will allow you to search by artist/album. The problem here is that it might be hard for you type in album not knowing the syntax with which it was entered into the database. I've not tried this, but you may get limited results...certainly not consistent I can guarantee.

There are quite a bit of things such as JGB and other boots on, and you can get info from there directly through foobar2000 by selecting the files and searching. This is based on track times, AFAIK, and should download the tags if the show is in the db. I don't know just how many will be there, but you could certainly tag your files and then submit the set for build the database.

That being said, I am actually in the process of moving away from Music Collector. It is great software, but I have been quite hampered by it's rather limited options for importing and exporting entries. I really need to be able to get shows directly into the database from foobar2000.

Right now, I'm working on learning mysql and php in order to be able to build my own custom database that I can very easily input stuff to.
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