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Unhappy Mac: Bluetooth Mouse Set-Up pops on on booting, I cannot get around it. Out of the blue.

Man this is stupid. I have a couple of Mac's. I also have bootable archives on hard drives. I was sent some music that I will be mixing on a USB2 drive. I use mostly firewire drives. I only have one USB drive and this has never happened. I have two boot discs on my music Mac. I plugged the drive in an turned it on. It didn't mount. That happens sometimes with my USB drive. I have to reboot for it to mount. Anyway, I went to reboot into the OSX.4 partition. I got no option to select boot drives when holding down "option" on boot up. Instead I have a Bluetooth setup assistant looking for a Bluetooth Mouse. I do not own one. I have two USB ports. One has my keyboard that has a mouse plugged into it. The curser is not responsive to the mouse and I cannot get past this assistant. It just keeps searching. Nothing works. I can't key stroke out of this. I don't think it even sees the keyboard or Mouse. I have forced quit a few times trying to unplug the new USB drive. Trying to unplug replug the keyboard. Trying to boot off an external drive. All I get is this crap.

Any ideas?
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