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Re: Is it a noticable difference (VHS Question)

Originally Posted by KoolKat
You say that your PC says that there is a disc there yes?.......just programmes cant see it?

My Computer>DvD Drive> Right Click>Explore.

Does your Drive open to reveal the files/folders on the disc?
If so,drag and drop them(folders included) to the desktop...or a folder you make somewhere.


I tried that, I can't even right click on the drive because it locks up when I do making me have to open up the task manager in order to close the 'My Computer' window. What I meant by the icon changing is normally the drive icon without a disc in the drive just shows a picture of a drive, after I put the disc in, it shows a disc as the icon with the label DVD-ROM since a disc is in the drive but I can't do anything at all with it.

Here's a picture to show what I mean by the icon thing.

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