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Re: Is it a noticable difference (VHS Question)

Originally Posted by direwolf-pgh
specs for the LG LRY-517

to my limited understanding - the video capture is never an issue because of the VHS resolution limitation.
audio is the only variable on a standalone recorder.

from a spec standpoint - Id go for it.
I'm not a video expert by any means & if I were transferring a bunch of VHS tapes - would probably opt for this type of standalone solution.

I'm also curious what others would say.
other than 'you can do whatever you want in a computer' - that goes without saying.

1st 1 to reply correctly chap


Standalones are fine for VHS,use S-VHS output on your VCR NOT Scart RGB

Standalones CAN have adjustable pay for what you get!

and what was the other one....
ah yes,VR is better for editing purposes on the standalone,quality difference is minimal.
Some authoring programmes will import VR directly,but you will be ok to DvD-Video them.DvD-Video is Standard and will play on all DVD SA's when you have finalized the disc.
Choose HQ 1hour recording to record if you choose not to Dual Layer'll have to split the file in the copy to disc menu in the SA,then use 2 discs.

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