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Re: Is it a noticable difference (VHS Question)

Originally Posted by Limulus
wrong. MiniDV always supports LPCM. just make sure the audio setting is at 16bit/48khz not the more bad 12bit/32khz.

also a lot stand alone recorders support LPCM in XP/60min mode.
so if you have a show less than ca. 60min a stand alone-transfer in XP/modus is the easiest to do, no need to go down in SP/120min modus cause the blank has the space and you will get less artifactacts in XP than in SP modus.

now if you even have access to a Dual Layer stand alone recorder you can XP-record up to 120min high quality.
This is the standalone recorder my step-dad has|audio|video___LRY-517.jhtml

It supports Dual Layer
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