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Re: Is it a noticable difference (VHS Question)

Originally Posted by kidrocklive
does it make a difference in quality for a stand alone recorder if you have a dual layered dvd in there as opposed to a single layered one?
Video quality depends on the bitrate - the highest = the best, the bigger file. A standalone gives you a choice between LP, SP and XP mode. In the best XP mode video is recorded in 9000 kbps (constant bitrate, CBR). This bitrate is a insane nonsense if the source is a VHS because it has no such signal quality (a VCD resolution in fact) thus a standalone pumps only empty bites to a video file, making it bigger but not better. Such high bitrate is good if the source is HD video but not even for a standard quality TV signal which oscillates between 3000 - 8000 kbps (audio excluded).

It depends on the quality of a standalone recorder and how it set up SP mode but in most cases it will be quite enough for a VHS source. Video file should be recorded in variable bitrate, between 4500 - 7000 kbps. This may give you a bit over 90 minutes on a DVD disc.

If you want to get maximum from the VHS master, give it to somebody who can capture it through a dedicated digital card, i.e. Canopus (best). It not only has a control over a video bitrate but also allows to define audio format coding i.e. LPCM, which you never get with a standalone (lossy AC3 or MP2 only).
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