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Hey everyone, I just had a few quick questions. I recently picked up my first 5.1 surround sound home theatre. I got hold of a DVD-AUDIO version of the Who's Tommy in 5.1 and man did it sound great!

When searching for DVD-AUDIO torrents around the web only a few come up, I do see a lot of DTS audio files though. I know my player is compatible with DTS but are these dts cd's surround? The DVD-AUDIO discs are large 3-4.7GB. While, the DTS cd's are only 400MB-700MB

My questions are...what is a DTS cd? is it surround? Is it as good as a dvd-audio even though it is a way smaller file? And finally...if dts cd's are surround is it 5.1 or something else? THANKS in advance for any help! I really appreciate it!
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