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Re: Share Ratio Inforcement?

I just went to that one link,... I have to say that I'm still laughing! That guy really was pretty pathetic! So pathetic, and sad, that it's FUNNY! I can just imagine an eighty-five year old, "granny", at home, alone, late at night, on her computer,... taking FLAC. NOT! Hahahahaha! (The poor woman was probably lonely, we shouldn't be laughing!)

Honest,... I wasn't asking because I planned on being a turkey. I asked because I wanted to know if there was anything out there, hanging over my head, that I absolutely needed to know about within the next gig. (As I said, I've known people that got thrown off other sites, over something they didn't even know was an issue until it was too late!)

For those of you that look at my share ratio, and think that I'm a idiot, please take a further look at my numbers. My share ratio could be higher than your's (almost undoubtably) in a matter of hours! (Of course, it would have no "stability" yet,... but it could be higher! Do the math! <grin>)

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