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Re: Hooking up a Comcast HD box to a MAC

all of the software mentioned on that page is free, or there are other program options which are free that'll replace em...the StreamClip/Quicktime mpeg2 component issue can be replaced with the freeware app mentioned at the bottom of the page:

You are using MPEG Streamclip and the Quicktime MPEG2 playback component (which you had to pay for) for the demux step. You could use ProjectX:

This is free and open source, so you might want to mention it. Check out my blog for some similar content and a soon to come tutorial on using ProjectX.
as for authoring, you can use iDVD to author instead of DVD Studio Pro, tho iDVD is a shitty program and you can only make the most basic of menus...i'd personally spend a little cash and buy an older version of DVDSP like the guy suggested...but none-the-less, you can do everything explained on that page w/o spending any $
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