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Re: Seeding lots of shows but not showing as a seed...

Hey John, yes that was a recent change (a few days ago). We found one guy was trying to seed over 100 torrents at a time. That does no good to the poor people trying to get the torrent when they can get so little bandwidth from the person. We discussed it in Staff and decided that 10 was a pretty high number to be seeding at one time, but that it would give some leeway to a torrent that you finish and just sit there on. So, if I were you, I would pick the torrents that need seeds to seed (personally, I pick 2-4 every night to seed). If you are using utorrent, it should show if a leecher is on the show. I've always told people that if they expect a seeder, they need to first show up as a leecher so the seeders see there is a need.
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