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Re: to write or not to write

Originally Posted by Five
this has come up a few times before... there's a FAQ somewhere on the Sharpie site where they say that normal sharpies are fine for writing on cds, been doing it for years myself with no problems. of course when I'm mail trading I don't write on the disc since there's a lot of traders who never do that or want to write in their own style and format on the discs.
Agreed. My handwriting is so terrible that I only inflict it on my friends. For trades, I prefer not to write on the disc anywhere -- inside ring included -- and instead either write on the tyvek sleeve or include a slip of paper inside the sleeve to I.D. the disc.

But for my own discs, I always write on the disc and have never had any problems. Even if I get a disc that's labeled on the inner ring, I usually write on the disc as well, so I can read it even if it's sitting on something that's colored dark.
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