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Re: Unnecessary 16:9 (or: how I learned to cut off the black bars on a 4:3 video authored in 16:9 and love the bomb)

What is your television?4.3 or widescreen?

This screenshot is true 16.9.
If your TV is 4.3 or set in preferences to 4.3(same for DvD player) then the video header is telling your TV to play it this way.

If though,you are sure that it has been recorded this way and G-Spot for example says its 4.3,then yes..change A.R in the video header in Ifo-edit.

The new Tmpeg Editor(not Express) can apparently change the header & export as 16.9 using a variation of what ifo-edits software does ,but i have not tried yet to see if it is indeed lossless or re-coded.

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