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Re: DVD Authoring Question

Originally Posted by witkotatanka
Is there a way I can check if the dvd turns lossy after re-authoring?
DVD is always lossy, as the MPG compression is such A good software should inform if it re-encodes or not. You can try to:
1. demux VOBs, i.e. with ProjectX:,
2. check the bitrate with Gspot, and generate md5 checksum for m2v video file
3. author DVD in Nero
4. demux authored version, check the bitrate again, compare md5

Md5 may not match as even lossless packages may change info in the header of a video file. Also during demuxing process average bitrate can be calculated differently - even 1 bite change will cause md5 won't match.

I think easier would be to find a copy of TMPGEnc 1.6, DLP or DVD Maestro, which do not re-encode MPG files.

There are also a few freewares, like DVDStyler and DVDAuthorgui:

I've never played with them, so I can't write how good they are - I use DVD Maestro, which is still the best for Windows OS, imo.
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