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How to fix DC offset?

I've been trying to fix DC offset right - by right I mean 0% of DC offset - without no success. Choosing a long sample, Cool Pro 2.0 shows by analysing that DC offset is 0%, but when I pick up a shorter sample - let's say 5 sec. - the result is something more like this: left channel -.014 and right channel -.01. Or worse.

The "trouble case" was recorded with Yamaha CDR-HD1500 digital recorder. And there shouldn't be - in this case - an analog lineage involved, since the audio was digitally recorded from digibox optical cable used. A sound card problem - yes? I ripped the "trouble case" with EAC (secure). Then I opened the files in Cool Pro 2.0 and this is the procedure I tried to get DC offset corrected: Amplify > Centre Wave > DC Bias Adjust > Absolute. I've also tried out Cool Pro 2.0's DC Bias Adjust > Differential -procedure with no better results.

So? How do I get DC offset to 0%?

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Ps. Yes. I did read through FAQ and the Technobabble Archive, but I didn't get an answer from these forums for my problem.

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