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Re: Recognizing Peers/Seeds; No UL/DL, though?

I'm pretty sure everything is OK, although I am definitely no expert with networking. My router's firewall connection is enabled; the option for "Block Anonymous Internet Requests" is unchecked; my ports from 6881 to 6889 are being forwarded to the first IP address in my array of computers as always. I tried enabling a DMZ, but since that didn't work I turned it back off. How exactly would I ensure that my internal LAN is using a static IP (I think it is -- .100)? How would I see if my router recognizes that? I've been poring through the options on my Linksys setup page and can't seem to find anything related to static IP, except for the static DNS listings (which are all down on the main setup page.

Thanks again for all the help on this issue... it's almost like the issue I'm having is with my uploading, and BT not working is just a symptom of that. I'm starting to notice some webpages timing out when I first try to access them, then loading up after a few tries. I'm doing another virus scan on both systems just in case, but my little brother is convinced it's something with my router. It just seems weird that it would change its own settings.
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