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Re: Comcast blocks some Internet traffic

Originally Posted by SilverVishnu
I've heard that a lot of people in America have no option but to use Comcast? Is this true?
True where I live. Moved here in 2005, had NO Internet option, so I was forced to get DirecWay satellite Internet. Sucked ass. Fortunately, Sprint/Embarq started offering DSL here earlier this year. Got it, love it. Currently uploads around 80K, and on a good day I download 330K at times.

Last place I lived, also had just one choice -- Comcast. Got it, loved it. 300+K download speed, and I forget the exact upload speed, over 100 usually is what I remember.

So, I haven't had more than one Internet option since 2001, at two different locations.

BOY does DirecWay suck. 107K max download, uploads generally in the teens ... and 200 MB max downloading per 24 hours! What dicks.

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