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Re: CD burning weirdness

Update below ...

Note: I'd forgotten to mention that other than the reported issues with my last burn attempt under Vista 64 ('very long time to preread CD in an audio CD player,' 'Loss of many seconds of audio at 0:27 without gap,' and '20+ seconds of gap at the end of track 1') the rest of the disc was gapless and fine.

Same conditions on my notebook, same (latest) version of CDBurnerXP with same settings, same .wav files, same burn speed (4.0x for safety's sake), same Ridata CD-R, and only the o/s different (WinXP [email protected] instead of Win Vista 64).

Result: nice clean burn on my XP machine. Quick read access in my audiophile CD player (Adcom GCD-750), gapless and smooth as can be.

Verdict: Vista 64 for audio CD burning
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