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Re: Anyone have Clearwire as their ISP?

Originally Posted by Tubular
It could be simple throttling, not sandvine. Encryption and a high port number would help a lot.
I've always used the encryption and have had a high port (in the 60,000's), and I've tweaked my Utorrent setup until the cows have come home. And, the improvement, if any, has been lightly marginal at best. Any improvement has been in terms of length of connection time and not speed. Even then, the improvements of time barely amount to squat. We're talking in terms of improving by 10-20 MB over the course of leaving on my computer for a whole day. Whoop-dee-doo.

I'm not willing to concede defeat yet, as I'm stuck with Clearwire for another 10 months or so. But the answer will have to come from something other than Utorrent.
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