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Re: WinAmp Configuration

Yes, foobar can be trying to figure out, but is quite rewarding once you have that all done. I cut the foobar part from Five's original post when I backed it up to my site as I'm planning a more complete and comprehensive foobar configuaration section for my site. I left the Winamp configuration part alone, so that cen be linked now from anywhere. If you ever want to change it, feel free to request a change or simply forward me a revisted html doc, and I'll do the necessary update.

Lynne, if you've got any Mac tutorials I'd like to put them up on my site as well. Even if you just want to forward me some screencaps with brief descriptions and I'll edit and format it to fit nice inside the page. I have a vision of having some nice freeware tutorials on my site, and Mac stuff is certainly needed.

I will NOT post a MusicMatch to my site and would rally for no one posting on this site either. It's extremely bloated adware and nagware, uses inferior compression schemes, and AFAIK has no support for lossless files. It's totally useless software in my opinion.
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