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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by schmoe75
Absurdly large files? You've downloaded 7 gigs...that's not even one of my torrents which average 10+ gigs.
Wow, dude, I'm really impressed by the size of your torrents.

Add 27 gigs to your total? For what, where's the proof of that occurring, we're just supposed to take your word for it?
You will probably be astonished to learn that when I said "add 27GB to my total", I was using what I like to call "a rhetorical device", and not making a literal request. I say this because you apparently missed the point I was trying to make about passing judgement based on a single statistic.

The fact that people do share other ways here is why we don't have ratio enforcement (though some of us would like to implement it). Because we don't enforce it, we feel public ridicule is a way to make peeps aware.
The BT community already has an established standard for insuring that people contribute back to the communities they belong to. Some sites implement it (to varying degrees) and some don't, but public ridicule is hardly a reasonable alternative. It just makes the site unfriendly for newbies and encourages petty moralizing that (it seems to me) is the antithesis of what the whole "sharing music" idea is all about.

Dime has a ratio enforcement, at the rate you're going, it won't be long before your privilidges are revoked.
See, now, there's that whole "passing judgement based on one statistic" thing again. My ratio at Dime is going up, just like my ratio here.

Keep enjoying the music that you go out of your way to not share back
You don't know fuck-all about me, so spare me your self-righteous sarcasm.
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