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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by pawel
I think much bigger shame is that most people here don't even drop simple thanks for a torrent. Usually it's not more than 10% of all who download. Strange but on Dime is better...
thats what i always thought...but consider this, if yer looking for info on the show or opinions on quality, searching thru 20 pages of "Thanks" and "OMG, I was at that show!" posts can be a bit irritating...and pointless

i wish people posted more comments on quality, be it the recording itself or even the set...rarely has anyone ever commented on that aspect of our recordings [& usually only on the DVDs] but then again, i fail to do so most of the time...and the few times i've made any comments about the recording quality other than "brilliantly recorded", it was met with childish defensiveness and a slew of attacks that "i should just be happy someone recorded the show" seems people don't want to learn these days, nor do they want anyone to know/think they're novices [despite the fact thats exactly what they are]

but back to the uber-leeches
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