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Angry SonicStage bullshit

I knew this would happen someday, but I didn't see it coming this time.

I do my recordings via a sony mz-rh1, meaning I then have to upload them through sonicstage, the software provided by sony. Files are stored on several external drives, in various folders, within other various folders, etc.

The other day, I was reorganizing files and folders and I changed the name of one of the folders; turned out that it included, amongst other things, a folder with sonicstage files.

I only got aware of this today, when I tried accessing these files, SS couldn't find them, i needed to re-provide the path, and then I could play them (as .oma) So far nothing to worry about, but it also turns that I cannot rename the files, or convert them to .wav - and that not only for the ones whose path got disturbed the other day, but for ALL OF THEM. When I want to convert them, I get an error message "non ATRAC files, or files that were not bought from a service can't be recorded as wave".

For big parts of them I have been converting them as .wav already, and for another part I still have the original MCDs, but is there a way I can recover the library (turns out it's more than 1000 files in the meantime) without needing to reupload everything ?

I'm sure it's a regular problem, and I ran a search through the forums, but without much result; then again I'm really panicking now. I remember reading about the evildom of SS when I was pondering what gear to get, and some guy had lost dozens of hours of interview because of this ? But I was getting the idea that was not to fear anymore with more recent versions of SS (I have a 3.04 version.) ?

Thank you in advance for any help.

edit : turns out that the files that were not part of the renamed path could still be recorded as wav or renamed. Still, in that subfolder there are hours of practice and i can't access them whatsoever.
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