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Re: sandvine workaround

That's some interesting reading, cicada. I don't believe I've gotten one of these notices yet, but I'll check out your other link later.

I could devote an entire thread to the problems I've had with Comcrap this week, and the whole sandvining issue, however it would be more appropriate for the Lounge.

Y'know for language and all......

Anyway, I just want to thank Lynn for sharing that link. I'm using that little firewall now, and was finally able to seed a show on another site. I still can't connect to as many people as before, and I found that I can better connect to people who are using Azureus, utorrent and Bittornado with encryption enabled.

In a large swarm it seems to work pretty well, but not so well when there only a couple seeders/leechers.

I hope the govt. or the EFF takes these bastards to court. Even my mother was savvy enough to read articles on this and drop them as her ISP. I was pretty damn impressed she got it!

I would drop them myself, but very soon I will be moving to another city that is not served by those f*ckers.

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