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Re: Mac: extracing VIDEO_TS audio; replacing VIDEO_TS audio?

Well, the simple answer is that you used ffmpegX rather than Toast and it has compressed the audio. The drop in file size is explained by the change from LPCM->MP2 which also explains the drop in bitrate. It doesn't look like the video stream was re-encoded.

The chapter breaks are stored in the IFO/BUP files of the original VIDEO_TS. If you take my advice and mux with Toast, you may well find that you can simply change the new IFO/BUP files for the old ones or slot your new VOBs into the positions of the originals. I've never done this and you should work with copies of the originals and be prepared to experiment with changing just the VTS_IFO/BUPs or the VIDEO_TS ones as well.

If you want an LPCM audio track you cannot use ffmpegX, at least AFAIK.

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