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Re: Mac: extracing VIDEO_TS audio; replacing VIDEO_TS audio?

Hey cleantone, sorry, been away from my post for a bit. Yep, the luscious and pouting Lynne is bang on. You want to select the M2V file that you demuxed with MPEG Streamclip as the video and your fixed audio as Let ffmpegX mux those suckers as a DVD (VIDEO_TS folder) and check that it plays OK with DVD Player or VLC before burning.

It's occurred to me that we didn't ask which audio codec was used for the original DVD. Open one of the original VOBs with Streamclip and select the get info option. The audio will be one of LPCM (basically the same as WAV/AIFF and, therefore, losslessly editable), MP2 or Dolby Digital/AC3. If it's either of the latter you'll have had to introduce a lossy stage when you decoded to WAV/AIFF and then re-encoded when muxing. There is an application called Fission which can edit MP3 files wihout re-encoding but I don't think it can handle MP2 and certainly not AC3/DD.

You can forget the original VIDEO_TS once you've demuxed it. All ffmpegX wants is the demuxed M2V and your fixed audio stream.

Depending on the size of the finished DVD you can keep the edited audio as a WAV/LPCM if you mux to DVD with Toast 7/8. For some stupid reason you achieve this by selecting Dolby Digital as the audio option (and rencode never as the video one) in the custom setting of the Video Tab. Obviously the audio stream of the DVD will be much larger than either MP2 or AC3 if they were used originally. If the source material used LPCM then this is obviously the preferable route to preserve audio quality. If the orig. used a lossy codec then the added size of the audio might mean you'll need to compress the video in order to fit on a DVD which is something you obviously want to avoid.

If your original DVD did use LPCM but you don't have/can't afford Toast then you might want to investigate MovieGate which I believe can produce DVDs with LPCM. I can't check as I'm on a Linux box at the moment (look at me Ma ) but I'll check later tonight if you're around.

Cheers, ff
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