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Re: Help, I can't seed!

Originally Posted by neustadt
Thanx very much, I think I get what was wrong. I have one more question: After I pull the button Submit new thread whats next? I download the personalized torrent and then I have to start it on my client as a torrent which I want to seed? I read your seeding guide but i'm not shure about the steps after I uploaded the torrent on your site! What have I to do at my client? Thanx Neustadt (learning much by doing wrong at the moment!
When you double click on the personalized torrent file that you DL from TTD, it will launch your client. Your client should ask you where you want to save the files. You should save them in the same place as the files you used to create the torrent are. Your client will then check the files to make sure they are the same and you will begin seeding.

If your client isn't doing any of those steps, let us know which client and where you are getting hung up.
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