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Re: converting sony hi-md tracks

yeah, its the smallest 'cd quality' recorder that I know of

maybe the trouble is with the autogain. on my model you have to switch to manual record levels each time you insert a new disc. its deep in the menus, unfortunately. then you can record as loud or as quiet and you want and is much better than the autogain. some info here:

some more hi-md info here as well:

check around, excellent site they really know their stuff there.

recording lossless in WAV format on a Hi-MD you can fit 94 minutes on a 1GB disc. So you should be able to record all of those 70-80min sets easily without having to resort to hi-sp lossy compression. When I recorded Pearl Jam it was a 3hr concert and required a disc change, no probs really, it just looked like I was checking my cellphone or something.

Record in WAV format... you can fit the whole 70-80min concert on one disc, nothing to worry about.
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