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Azureus changes my upload speed

I'm using the newest version of Azureus for Mac. I have the upload limit set to 0 (i.e. unlimited) but later it will automatically change itself to a random number, like 3. That of course is bad for my ratio. hah. I also tried setting it to 600k max, but it would still change the number on me. Now what's happening is I'll type in a number, say 500k max upload, then right before my eyes it will change the number to something else (3 often, for some reason). anyone know what's going on? I may just need to reinstall it or something. I really need to get Azureus to work though. I've had a lot of problems with other clients banning me from TTD lately because of announcing to the tracker too much (Lynne can attest to that, sorry again!). Any ideas? thanks
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