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Re: Do you play/check your discs after burning them?

lol 1000 data DVDs totally full would be about 4,000 gigs of music. But I guess there are people with that much, I've seen over a terabyte of d/ls for some people...maybe not 4TB though.

Maybe some day when I have a lot more money I will look into the suggestions posted here. When all is said and done, if I burn to Audio CD all the shows I have right now, that would be about 1200 CDs or so total that I would have. That is a lot indeed (I have about 500 now). I bought those cheap CD binders off with 500 CD storage. Ever since I started buying CDs when I was little I always had them in CD binders...that's what I like to use the most, I don't like cases or storage racks etc. hmm. I dunno. Thanks for the thoughts,
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