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Re: converting sony hi-md tracks

upadate sonic stage, as of v3.2 and newer you can transfer as many times as you want to your computer unlike the old versions. it will also create a wav version if you ask it to (at least it does if you're recording lpcm wav). the quality should be identical to the original (after all its data). If you want to hook it up to your soundcard you can go in the menus and set the output to 'line out' then connect that to the 'line in' of your computer but this will most certainly sound a little worse (depending on your soundcard) since it would have to go digital>analog>digital and is not recommended. If your hi-md has a digital output (I don't think it does) then you could do a realtime digital transfer that way by hooking up to the digital input of your soundcard but that isn't really necessary when you can just bring it across via usb using sonicstage.

hi-sp recording setting is like a good quality mp3, that's how it squashes the sound on the disc to make more time fit, and while there has been an exception to allow lossy atrac md recordings in the past they will no longer be allowed to be shared on this tracker for all shows recorded January 1, 2008 and later. So I would recommend recording in lossless (wav) mode and do a disc change if necessary... its a lot easier than flipping/switching cassettes every 45 min like we had to do in the old days I know you're aware of the cutoff but just thought I'd mention it for other ppl who might be reading this.

Also one more thing I normally make the track marks after the transfer, I read somewhere that marking the tracks before transferring can cause some little problems, I don't know if that's true or not but I always cut the show after I get it over to my comp as a large wav file just in case.
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