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Re: Do you play/check your discs after burning them?

I see...

If people don't burn them to audio CDs, then you just listen to it off your hard drive or external HD?? I don't see how I could do that. I have about 200 gigs of shows on my laptop HD and an external HD combined. In theory I could buy another external HD and dump everything on there, but then I could only use my computer to listen to the shows...which seems pointless. I mean, does everyone here really have a good speaker set-up for their computer? I highly doubt it. Even with like $200 computer speakers, live shows don't sound that good on them. Since they can be kinda boomy or the treble can be low, you really need a decent stereo system to really get the best quality listen. And backing all shows up on data discs just uses up a hell of a lot of discs...

Like Tubular here has 404 gigs d/led, that's 100 data DVDs! It'd be tough to go through all the discs just to listen to something...I guess I just like being able to listen to them on an audio CD. To each their own

Sure five, if I'm ever going to re-seed a show I'd need the original data files...I do have some shows backed up in original format because I like them, or because they are rare etc, but I would be buying hundreds of blank DVDs in addition to hundreds of blank CD-Rs. I don't have THAT much money hehe. thanks for the replies though. I'm surprised at how many people don't burn stuff to audio CDs. That means you're forced to listen to everything on your computer with a probably mediocre sound system.
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