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converting sony hi-md tracks

i just did the pumpkins show at isu braden (go birds!) via soundpro bcm12-bass rolloff battery box-line in-mi md mz m10 hi sp. this is the third band ive done with it... but, i didnt think i'd have an opportunity to change discs during the show(2 1/2 hrs). so i went with hi sp...

havent transfered the disc to my pc yet b/c i still need to insert track markers. ive listened to the disc several times. the quality is pretty damn good. are you saying that once i upload to the pc via sonic stage that it will sound "worse?" i transfered a previous hi sp recording and could swear it sounded different than if the master itself. makes me think it removed something.

what about just hooking it up to the pc and playing it in real time? i think i saw a box that connects via usb cable had audio jacks. would my pc consider it a wav file at that point and not "remove" anything or would it still be as lossy, lossier, or not lossless at all? im not an engineer, so im having a little trouble understanding all these specifications. i'd like to know b/c once you transfer a hi md recording, you cant transfer it again via sonic stage. any help would be appreciated.
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