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Re: Do you play/check your discs after burning them?

I always keep the data files and burn those with verification or else dump them on a large external hd unaltered.

sometimes I find myself in a situation where I need an audio cdr for playback and in that case I will burn it that way... but audio cdr is not a great way to store shows. You can't re-post a show by re-ripping from an audio cdr copy of a flac set (for quality control) unless you can get it back off the disc where the ffp matches exactly again... almost impossible to do. But if you burn it as data and run test mode on the FLAC files before you trade them with ppl the everybody always have a set that's as perfect as it was when you received it, right on to the 100th person who gets a copy.

so I highly recommend that you keep the data files and burn additional audio cdrs for your own personal use in your car or whatever.
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