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Re: Do you play/check your discs after burning them?

Well, I don't ever find myself with 100's of shows to burn. I try to burn every couple of weeks to keep up. And yes, I listen to every show after I burn to cd. In fact, I listen to the complete show, not just random samples. That's why I downloaded and burned it - too listen to it. When I started out I didn't listen to them always and was really pissed after one didn't burn correctly due to a problem I was having with Feurio and I STILL haven't run across the show again. Anyone have Donald Fagen's Rock & Roll Revue, Philly Tower Theater 1992?

This works OK for me because I listen in my car on my commute so I go through a couple a day that way.

Youse roll the dice and takes yer chances otherwise if you delete the files.
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