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Do you play/check your discs after burning them?

I guess this is a Technobabble question although I'm not sure...

After you burn a show to CD do you listen to it or briefly check it that it plays right before deleting it (if you do delete it, or back it up or whatever). I always just pop it in my CD player, skip to random tracks to make sure it plays fine, then usually delete the files off my hard drive to save space. I always do it to save space, although in the couple hundred shows I've burned in the last couple months I never heard any "issue" when I went to check the CD. So do people here check or listen to their CDs before moving or delete the audio files? I want to ask because I have a few hundred shows to burn (no joke) which is of course gonna take me foreeeever and checking each disc wastes a lot of time when I have never seen an issue come up. What do you do? Am I doing it at my own peril to not check discs? (again, never had a problem). Over the long run it would save me hours upon hours of time (if checking each disc takes about 2 minutes).

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