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Re: ACK! Deleted 80gb of music! A few recovery questions....

FYI... there does not seem to be any file recovery program for the Mac that supports flac and shn files. The programs have to have been written to recover specific file types. I don't know if that's the case for pcs or not. So if you delete any flacs/shns/apes on Mac and empty your trash, save the time and just get over it. At least until one of the programs adds support for them.

Using FileSalvage, I was able to recover some mp3s that I didn't need, season 6 of The Sopranos which I didn't need and some sweet John Lennon quicktimes that I DID need. I had gotten them off Dime and they're the 3 major networks' broadcasts the night of his shooting.

And I got enough txt files and pics to let me know a lot of what I lost.
Oddly enough most of the txt files did not come back, I would have thought that would have been easy.
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