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Re: Smashing my head against the keyboard here! (uploaded torrent)

Just to check; and don't be offended if this is an obvious question, but you definitely didn't make any changes to the files after you created the torrent file with Azureus, did you? If you did, then abandon the thread that's there, and use Azureus to create a new torrent file with with the new data files, and upload it again, creating a new thread in the process. Then save the personalised torrent from this thread to your HDD, open it with Azureus and seeding should start.

If you didn't make any changes to the files, you could try a right-click on the torrent which is currently in the downloading window of Azureus; select 'remove' from the menu, and it should disappear. Go to the torrent thread, and click on the torrent file in your first post, to (again) download your personalised torrent to your HDD (replacing the one that's there already). Open this torrent file with Azureus, and see if you get the same problem.

I hit a phase where I had to open torrent files twice with Azureus to get them to seed, but it seemed to cure itself....

Let us know what happens.

Regards, Graham
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