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utorrent puzzle checking torrents

An issue that has puzzled me for a while and was wondering if anyone has an answer

I use utorrent(1.6) . When I reseed a torrent, utorrent goes through the process of checking the files to make sure they are all there and then starts reseeding.

My question is that on numerous occassions utorrent will take a torrent, check it and then say that it is missing the last .1% or something similar. I have always checked these torrents when I originally finished downloading them and utorrent said they were complete. I have checked their md5 fingerprints etc and they come up complete. Traders little helper says the files are complete. I am very confident that the files were orginally downloaded in full. They are not altered in any way after that. All that is done with them is they are removed from utorrent, and then put back in at a later date to reseed to help someone out.

How come is it that utorrent, when I reseed, will say there are very small parts of the torrent missing? Any ideas.
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