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Re: Any Linux Users Here?

Originally Posted by poppat
OK, anyone know of some good Linux programming links or books?

i can sit there and search Google till the cows come home (already done it) and not find anything worthwhile or up-to-date regarding programming. i am an intermediate VB programmer and advanced-beginner c++.
If you're familiar with c++, you might want to give Mono a shot. There's a book published by O'Reilly called "Mono: A Developer's Notebook" which is pretty good. I've done some basic development with it.

Mono is available at:

Another popular option is Python. Again I'd check out O'Reilly for books. A lot of great tutorials available for that as well. I'd recommend picking a language that looks learnable, and then look for books and tutorials.

is there anyone using Linux right NOW to view this website? anyone use linux to download bootlegs?
Yes, and yes. The thing people need to realize is that I would guess the vast majority of the tools that people use: shorten, flac, shntools, bit torrent (the original client) are all programs that were available first on unix systems, or at least were available concurrently.

A lot of the early electronic bootleg traders were unix users, as they were the ones who had the know-how to setup the ftp sites and what not and they really have played a major role in pushing the technology along.

just wondering if you folks acutally use linux daily or just to play around with.
Personally it's the only operating system I have had installed at home since 2000; and it's what I use all day at work. So yes there are real live linux users out there.
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