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Re: MAC: portforward/firewall question

If you use DHCP, then everytime you restart your computer, you will be assigned a different local static IP ( Since you will get a different one every time, then trying to forward your ports for it is very difficult. Every time you restart your computer, you would have to go find your local IP and then go into your router and forward your ports for your new IP. The best thing to do it so set your Mac up to NOT use DHCP using this guide: Most routers will allow you to set a range of IPs for the computers using DHCP and then a range of IPs for those computers using a static IP. For instance, mine is set for DHCP for IPs between and then if a computer has a static IP NOT between those numbers then life is fine for it. If someone comes over and wants to connect to our network using DHCP, they will be assigned an IP in that range I listed.

Are you the only computer on your home system?
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