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Re: Firewalled ?!!?!??!

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Did you check your connection at and it did say there was a problem?

Do you have your XP firewall off or do you have bittorrent as an exception? And how about with AVG?

All firewalling means is that you cannot 'talk' to any other users who are firewalled. So, it really makes hardly any difference at all if you are on a torrent with lots of unfirewalled users. It's when you are on a torrent with a bunch of firewalled users that you have a problem.
Thanks for the quick reply!

When I visited and check 61252 it says yes. When I check another port, used by another app, it say Success, I can see your.. Is this where the check box for "possible TCP stack fix" comes in in BitTorrent's Settings > Network?

WinXP firewall is off. Or at least I think it's off. In the quick glance in Security Settings it says ON, but when I open the settings to change it it still shows it as OFF (not recommended). I have allowed uTorrent and BitTorrent as exceptions, so I would think that it would allow them even if it was/is on. Correct? I realize problems can creep up when more than one firewall/a-v scanner is used and now I'm not sure if I have 2 firewalls "active" or not. |Edit: ok I took a closer look and it says ON because it recognizes my Comodo firewall not because Windows Firewall is on|

As far as AVG I am using AVG 7.5 Free Edition. Anti-Virus only. I have not found anywhere to allow a program or to disallow a program.

Unfortunately it seems as though recently there seems to be a LOT more folks firewalled on the torrents, at least those I've been grabbing. And I like sharing and helping spread the music.
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