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Re: Firewalled ?!!?!??!

I'm not sure WHAT my problem is. With my connection here that is. (yeah, yeah i get plenty of advice on alla the rest of them already )

I am "possibly firewalled" here but other apps, such as furthurnet client, show no "firewalled" problem. I am not using a router. Direct connection to the Internet afaik.

AMD Athalon XP 3000+
1GB ram
Comodo Firewall
BitTorrent - not sure which version anymore but def not current release
RoadRunner cable

I changed the default port to use to 61252 to check if 6881 was being blocked. Made no difference.

I've always tried to give back as much as I grabbed and I'm kinda bummed now not to be able to. Any help in fixing this would be grtely appreciated! I'll check in later at work. Thanks!
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