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Smile Re: Which format should i use to burn?

Ok, i did what i wanted after all. I've downloaded the latest version of ImgBurn (, released 12th April 2007) from and then i followed the guide on It seems to me that the difference this program made is that it offers the option to burn the Video DVD disc with a "ISO9660+UDF" file system. This gives greater compatibility in the case when the DVD player cannot read a UDF v1.50 file system by using the other one. The disc i just burned has the following structure:

/ (Root of DVD disc filesystem)
|---->AUDIO_TS (just for compatibility with other DVD players, not needed in mine.)
|---->VIDEO_TS (movie)
|---->EXTRAS_TS (artwork folder, checksums, info files.)

I'm glad i worked it out and that's why i'm giving this back to you all as a way of saying "thank you".


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