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Re: Which format should i use to burn?

Originally Posted by pawel
I explained you two times that Sony (and some other players) won't read disc burn in non VIDEO mode, and that in Nero Burning ROM DVD-VIDEO mode you can burn additional files and folders - they only have to be stored outside VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder.

See attached screenshot.
Well, i have made a data DVD that played in my Sony DVD player. In that disc the VIDEO_TS folder was inside another folder called DVD1 and some other files/folders were also present at the root level. From what i've read in the net, some players may have difficulties playing DVDs burned with an UDF file system v1.50 (it doesn't seem to matter if they are data DVDs or video DVDs.) The data DVD that didn't play in my player used UDF v1.50, so that may be the problem. That conflicts with what you suggest (that Sony players only play discs burned in Video DVD mode.) From my expiriences, Sony players can play data DVDs. The only issue is that, at least some of them, can't play disc burned with UDF v1.50. Maybe they can play discs burned with UDF v1.02.

On another note, i think you should have some more patience with people like me, who are trying to find an answer to their problems and asking politely for suggestions. I'm not dumb, i can understand what you say perfectly, the only thing that happens is that some things are not as straightforward or simple as you seem to believe. Anyway, i thank you and all the rest for taking the time to answer my questions. You do it out of your own will and i appreciate it. I hope you understand that i don't mean to offend you.

Peace & thanks,

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