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Re: Any Linux Users Here?

ok. thanks for the feedback.

prior to posting this thread I was going to go with Mandrake because I believe it also has "server" software with it (not that I need it now, but for later if I want to run a web server or something.) whereas suse is pretty stripped down--only client software because they sell the server distributions.

but the live-CDs sound like a great way to get my toes wet without diving all the way in. i think i'll try suse, let it run, and see how it looks.

in the beginning i'm hoping to stay away from command line as much as possible. i hated dos.

as for FreeBSD, i know there are some powerful server applications running on that. i don't know how useful it would be for a home computer though.

OK, anyone know of some good Linux programming links or books?

i can sit there and search Google till the cows come home (already done it) and not find anything worthwhile or up-to-date regarding programming. i am an intermediate VB programmer and advanced-beginner c++. tiypically with Windows, you do a lot of API calls to get your program up and running and interface with hardware and the os. I have no idea how this works with Linux. i'm kinda hoping linux allows direct hardware addressing, which windows hasn't since 98 i belive.

if you know of any GOOD links or books, let me know. i don't need a lesson in c/c++ so much as i need a primer on the peculiarities of linux and program compilation.

is there anyone using Linux right NOW to view this website? anyone use linux to download bootlegs?

just wondering if you folks acutally use linux daily or just to play around with.

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